Joyce Murray
Hon. Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra
COVID-19 Update: Coming Together in Difficult Times (April 20)
April 20, 2020

April 20th, 2020 

Dear friends,

Sadly, I begin this letter by expressing my condolences to the families and friends of the many innocent people killed yesterday in rural Nova Scotia. This news was truly horrific. It may not have taken place in Vancouver Quadra, but as caring Canadians it affects us all. So too do the worrying accounts of the plight of vulnerable elders and their care providers in long-term care homes with COVID-19 infections. Governments have stepped up support over the past ten days to fill the gaps and help address these shocking situations.

I’m happy to report I just had a FaceTime visit with my mom Charlotte who lives in a facility with a COVID-19 outbreak on two floors (though not on hers). She’s fine and staff say the situation is well under control.

Today, Parliament was set to resume in Ottawa, but I and most MPs remain working from home. Parliamentary accountability is essential in a time of crisis, as is the advice of public health experts. Liberals have put forward a responsible plan that respects both, with as much time for questions and answers as a regular week’s sitting. Our plan has the support of the NDP and the Bloc. I am optimistic politics can be set aside and a safe, effective resolution unanimously achieved.

"After a month, I just had to grab a loaf of my favourite bread from Aphrodite's!"

With Earth Day coming up this Wednesday, I have been reminding my colleagues that the environment was Canadians’ number one priority before the COVID-19 outbreak, and will be so again. Our government is ensuring climate action is not forgotten as we take steps to support Canadians during the COVID-19 crisis. As our country continues its “Just Transition“ to a low-carbon economy, it’s important to support oil and gas workers — tens of thousands of whom face job losses this year.

Our government recently announced actions to help affected provinces create and protect approximately 10,000 jobs, while supporting our environmental targets. We will:

This is win-win — environmental action that brings our country closer together.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcements from last week, based on cabinet consideration of the feedback you and other Canadians have been providing your MPs:

While these announcements are costly, this is not the time to economize. Our government will continue to work to ensure that workers in every sector are protected, and Canadians have the help they need to put food on the table and pay their bills. BC is beginning to consider ways to ease the restrictions we have been under, but we must do so strictly following the guidelines of the practical and capable Dr. Bonnie Henry!

As always, my staff are here to help Vancouver Quadra residents; please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our utmost to help you or address your concerns.

Warm regards,

The Hon. Joyce Murray, P.C., M.P.
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra
Minister of Digital Government

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