Joyce Murray
Hon. Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra
Reducing Poverty Benefits Everyone
March 11, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Since the 2015 election the Liberal government has taken decisive action on our plan to cut poverty in half. Reducing “income inequality”, the unequal distribution of wealth, makes societies safer, more satisfying, and healthier for all, according to worldwide research. Reducing income inequality is a compassionate goal that benefits people at all income levels.

Our plan is working. According to recent Statistics Canada reports Canada’s poverty rate has already fallen 20% since 2015! 826,000 Canadians have been lifted out of poverty, including nearly 300,000 children.

Contributing policy measures include investing in indigenous communities, increasing the supplement for lowest-income seniors by 10%, a new National Housing Strategy focused on homelessness and housing affordability, and more generous Canada Child Benefits of up to $6,500 for every child under six. Canada’s recent economic growth also helped reduce poverty: 800,000 jobs were created since 2015, dropping unemployment rates to a 44-year low!

These investments — plus our middle-income and small business tax cuts — make life more affordable for tens of millions of Canadians. We know there’s lots more to do, and we plan to keep on working to help all Canadians have a fair chance at success.

Best regards,

Joyce Murray, MP
Vancouver Quadra

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