Joyce Murray
Hon. Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra
My perspective on recent resignations & allegations related to SNC Lavalin
March 5, 2019

Dear friends and neighbours,

Many have written me about the recent resignations of two Liberal cabinet ministers, MP Wilson-Raybould and MP Philpott, and allegations of pressure related to SNC Lavalin’s legal issues. I’d like to share my perspectives on this matter with you.

Firstly, I have absolute confidence in the integrity of our Prime Minister, and I am immensely grateful for the critical work he and the Liberal team are doing on a range of urgent challenges like climate action, poverty alleviation, housing affordability and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples among others.

Secondly, the former Attorney General has herself acknowledged that the Prime Minister confirmed the SNC Lavalin decision was hers to make and hers alone, and she did so. She stated on the record that no laws were broken. Under Prime Minister Trudeau, Liberal Members of Parliament have had wide latitude to express and to vote their views, even when they are not aligned with the government’s perspective.

Thirdly, in a truly diverse and representative cabinet, a range of perspectives on a common event should be considered healthy and normal. People inevitably experience an event or conversation through the lens of their own unique personality and background. These different perspectives have resulted in controversy, and strong feelings among some members of the public.

As a former provincial cabinet minister with a contentious portfolio, considerable pressure from colleagues, government and community leaders was a normal aspect of the responsibilities I had accepted.

Finally, having worked with Prime Minister Trudeau since we were in Opposition in 2008, then having contested the Liberal leadership race with him in 2012-13, and working with him during his first government, I know him as a collaborative and principled person. He is firmly committed to changing politics by making it more consultative, diverse and inclusive, and he’s committed to changing policy to create a more sustainable society in all aspects of the word. His vision of a better Canada and a better world is one I share.

Our cabinet and caucus team includes many strong women bringing deep experience and unique views. As a team member and your representative for Vancouver Quadra I’ll continue doing my best to listen to you and to work to improve the lives of Canadians and the wellbeing of our country, now and for the future.

Best Regards,

Joyce Murray, MP

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