Joyce Murray
Hon. Joyce Murray
Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra
Hidden Heroes 2017

Patricia Alexis – has been a long-time volunteer and is one of the leaders of a quilting group at Dunbar Ryerson United Church. Over the years they have made and distributed hundreds of quilts, mostly to those living in supportive housing. Recently they donated many quilts to Springhouse Women’s Shelter and Housing.  Patricia has contributed many hours to quilting with love for those in need.


Dax Belanger – is caring, friendly and community minded. He cares for family members, and neighbours alike when they need a hand- including visiting his mother-in-law daily in her care facility. He makes time to visit other residents while he is there- remembering details of their families and listening to stories of their younger years. He has also worked tirelessly for his community to get the city to put speed bumps to slow traffic on his block.


Larry Benge –has been on the West Kits Residents Association for many years and over the years has worked to engage with local businesses and planners to help preserve the Kitsilano community. He is also Co-chair of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (representing 24 neighbourhoods association in Vancouver) where he works tireless to ensure Vancouver communities stay vibrant and remain a positive place to live.


Ray Greenwood – Has been active in a wide variety of community organizations, including serving as president of Brock House Seniors Society. He has been instrumental to the history of Vancouver tourism, a champion and key man behind the Symphony of Fire and the long – running Vancouver AM Tourism Group. He is president of the century old Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Club.  Known as Mr. fireworks he lends a sparkle to every event he attends.


Maggie Hosgood – has been a long-time volunteer at Dunbar Heights now Dunbar Ryerson United Church. Maggie has been involved with refugees for over 35 years and has facilitated and undertaken over 500 refugee sponsorships. She has been a member of the Refugee Working group of the United Church of Canada, BC Conference – this breadth of experience has made her a frequent speaker and the “go to” person for many other organizations and groups looking to sponsor refugees.


Sheila Kirkby – Has been a long-time volunteer for numerous local organizations including Kits Neighbourhood House and Kitsilano Showboat. She has been an active fundraiser for the General Gordon Elementary PAC, and serves as co-chair of Families with Children from China BC. She is a community builder and currently is the main caretaker of her ailing father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.


Will Koop – is the coordinator of the BC Tap Water Alliance. He has given thousands of hours every year towards protecting BC’s drinking water. His research and activism has helped raise awareness about the importance of protecting our drinking water and led to many BC municipalities to not allow logging along their watersheds.


Barry Leinbach – Is the President and producer of Kitsilano Showboat – an entirely volunteer run organization which has been providing free entertainment for over 80 years. He has been a leader in the Vancouver Fireman’s Band and took care of his mother Captain Bea, founder of Kits Show Boat and a Vancouver icon for many years.


Sandra Matzek – has volunteered for several years at Kitsilano Community Centre shower program, a program available for anyone in need. She is a trained hairdresser and gets up early to give free haircuts on Saturday mornings. She works full time, but still finds time to offer this service to those who otherwise might not be able to access something as basic as having clean hair and getting a hair cut.


Teila McLaren-Gabriel – is from the Kwantlen First Nations and was raised on Kwantlen Indian Reserve No 6. She has just entered the medical program at UBC. Teila’s commitment to the wellbeing of her community and greater society is exemplified in everything she does.  Teila’s connection to her Coast Salish heritage and her experience working and living on reserve has fostered a keen interest in advancing indigenous health initiatives.


Bernie Minkus – is a long-time community volunteer for Kits Neighbourhood House and has contributed 250 volunteer hours over the past year. She is a key team member who contributes to preparing a nutritious meal for the weekly Senior’s lunch hosted at Kits Neighbourhood House.


Gregory Queyranne – has done outstanding work over the years helping those in less fortunate countries including humanitarian work in central Africa working alongside Oxfam, Save the Children. He has helped thousands of people in conflict zones.


Herb Reesor  - Has been a valuable volunteer with the Disabled Sailing Association for over 20 years. During the summer months he can be counted on to come out to help disabled sailors 1or 2 times a week and has made a huge difference for many who would otherwise be unable to experience the joy and freedom of sailing!


Martha Roth – is a well-known feminist writer and political activist. Past chair of the BC Yukon chapter of the Writer’s union of Canada and author of many books, most prominently “Transforming a Rape Culture”. Member of the steering committee of Independent Jewish Voices, advocating for peace and Justice in the Middle East.


Dick Scarth and Jilian Scarth. –are both active volunteers and provide mason bee education to the community including school children. Dick is the president of the Spanish Banks Stream Keepers and they work with local elementary school children to raise and release chum fry in local streams. They also both lend a helping hand to aging friends.


Terry Slack –is a retired Gill Netter from the North Arm of the Fraser River, a self-described “old River Muskrat Poet.” He is a public watchdog on local fishing issues, offers free walks and talks about the culture and ecology of the area. He tells us when the Salmon are running, puts up houses for the birds, and is often found cleaning up garbage along the Fraser River. He is an avid historian, ecologist, environmentalist and cultural ambassador.


Lisa Smith – teaching primary school children at Museum of Vancouver for over 10 years. Lisa volunteers at the OId Hastings Mill Store Museum as a Native Daughter, hosting many visitors and school children. She also volunteers at Brock House Fairs and Carnarvon school. Lisa donates part of the proceeds from her books on Vancouver’s history to various charities.


Rose Wang – Has been an active volunteer Parent Advisory Committee for her children’s school and for many years as a member of the UNA Neighbourhood Association. She was an architect in China, and since coming to Canada, she has been active on sustainability and multicultural issues at the UNA, before being elected as a resident-elect Board member. She is currently the Chair of the Civic Engagement Committee.


Sonia Wicken – helped found the Dunbar Resident’s association 25 years ago and is currently the Board’s treasurer.  Over the years she has dedicated many volunteer hours to support the organization and all that it does.  She has been integral in contributing tirelessly to many community initiatives including the Dunbar History Book and 20 years of Salmonberry Days.



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